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LOG: Vintage Time Traveler journey to the unknown.....

March - April 2018  

  • Time to wake up after years of hibernation and upgrade this script. 
  • Upgrade went pretty smooth, only a few things to work out but tech service was great. 
  • The search has begun for a new docking location for the Vintage Time Traveler to call home.
  • Time to pack the bags and relocate, a new location was found. 
  • Prior host service was terminated. I departed them after 10 years. This future journey was not well suited for me to keep this site docked with them.
  • Now to rediscover this script and get to work. Many late nights ahead for me.
  • Establishing categories and sub-categories. Finding I repeat things in some areas and have to delete other parts of the structure.
  • Writing in the FAQ section about "Cookie Law",
  • Twerking, (No auto correct) it's - tweaking. Tweaking categories and testing new user account functions. Email verification, check. Link back to site correctly, check. Admin override for seller, check. Check, check, check, now it's 5-O Clock somewhere. Check please.

End of April 2018

  • I need to clear the storage pods Scottie! Ha, I am not a Star Trek follower but I can say I was a kid when it started. Always loved Scottie, guess being Irish is part of it.
  • More time is needed for all of this posting. I have so many items to get uploaded and need to also upload items to other places as well. Got to keep the fuel in the tanks so I can move forward and pay the fleet. 
  • Put the breaks on! Stop, stop, stop.... I have enough!  Stuff That Is,.... Good Stuff,.... Black Gold,... Texas Tea... WAIT what? Where did the jingle of The Beverely Hillbilly come from?  Oh, yeah maybe because if I loaded my truck all I would need is Granny. I need to move my "stuff" to a new home, maybe California will do. Now Jed I have fixed some vittles so it's time to eat.  

May 9, 2018

  • I need more hours or two of me for this journey! Sometimes I just shake my head at the end of the day wondering why I didn't get more accomplished. It isn't that I am setting on my #@$ doing nothing, it is that there is so much to do the list is long and the check marks for things completed seem small in comparison.
  • Stock is piling up and site development was slowing down. I found myself up at 3:30am trying to get a few bugs out of this setup. Guess it is time for tech support to help out. 
  • Been listing on a few other sites and will place the items here when I have this polished up.

May 23, 2018

  • Just when you think you are ready to breakdown and ask for help, you learn that even if you do a fix now, the upgrade may change it. Oh, but that isn't the best part of the unknown, it is that you need to learn a bit of different code. CODER I am not. I am old school. 
  • Dang, it's only 11:11am and I am ready to just curl up and close my eyes hoping it will just fix itself by some unknown way. Dreaming...I must be dreaming....

June 14, 2018

  • Dazed and Confused.... with trying options on the back end of this site. Tonight I posted in the forum to see if others have had issues like I am running into. I have not promoted this site and people are finding it anyway. 
  • The shipping setup isn't right.
  • Sometimes the browse drop down doesn't work.
  • Marking things sold isn't an option.
  • The list goes on with other little things. I have been testing and trying till I am disgusted with trying again, and again hoping for it to work.
  • We will see if other users of this software can help, if not then it is off to tech support and that is a long process which I have been down that road before. Days for a answer, then they ask a question which was already answered before if they had read the file. We will see......

Oct. 15, 2018

Well, the days of Dazed and Confused continues. I have been pulled in many directions and fixing this was not on the top of my list. I have spend more time than the last entry date working or trying to see how I can get this to work for me. I have also spent time researching other solutions, reading what is coming down the pipeline for the web and where it is going.  Spending hours, sometimes up to 6 hours just on a mission to find out the take on WordPress, WooCommerce, x o z cart this and that. I found some I had never heard of and they look promising for the future. But do you cross your fingers and hope they grow, stay in business and keep up with the Jones' out here?  Which is best for SEO, which has better this or that and so on. Dropping my head to the pillow at 3am with a headache trying to syphon the input I learned into a decision but it's nothing more than a list of questions. 

  • Which is best for my needs? 
  • What do I give up? 
  • What do I gain? 
  • What happens with updates? 
  • Do I follow the trend? 
  • Do I rely on tons of plugins, extensions for a function?

I know what I DON'T want. I do not want to pay some monthly fee to ride on the back saddle with them controlling where they lead the horse. Nor do I want to sign over MY RIGHTS for them to use anything I would post. My images, my text, my product descriptions, anything. It is worst than FaceBook, but we know they abuse everyones information. My use of FB has dropped massively from a daily users to maybe once a week at the most. 

Back to this e-commerce situation I am having. I know I need the correct shipping setup and I have placed that to be more important than the design. This shipping issue has me about ready to scrap this and go to WOO know who! I am single site, not allowing others till this is fixed or I just move on.

Wouldn't it be nice to see on the CREATE LISTING>SHIPPING after the weight & LWH is entered, a SUBMIT button would call into action "GET RATE BASED ON INPUT" Then RADIO BUTTONS you select for the options to be shown for the customer. Example of returned information:
Item Weight 3 Lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 4 inches
º USD 34.75USPSUSPS Priority Mail Express 2-Day™
º USD 34.75USPSUSPS Priority Mail Express 2-Day™ Hold For Pickup
• USD 7.45USPSUSPS Priority Mail 2-Day™
• USD 7.42USPSUSPS USPS Retail Ground®
º USD 2.66USPSUSPS Media Mail Parcel
º USD 2.53USPSUSPS Library Mail Parcel
Most are not going to need Media or Library and when this shows up for a buyer, they think... WHAT? This isn't professional, I don't think I will trust this site, Can you send a ceiling light out Media Mail. AH want a joke. This is the statements I heard when I asked others to tell me what they thought on my site. Sure we can enter in the postage custom. Sure we can spend all that time entering in different rates for Zones, but who has a gimp living in a cage that will do it for the webMASTER? Not anyone I know of.

I believe I have to move on and soon and time to say goodbye to this PHP script.  Unless they pull a rabbit out of the hat, no maybe a rabbit out of a pint of Guinness, I will stick around. Hell I will volunteer as a test site and buy the next round!  -CHEERS-