Vintage Time Travelers


We hope you find a treasure or enjoy looking at the items listed from our clients or myself. 

If you are a collector, decorator or one who just enjoys having that item that very few own, then you have traveled the internet highway to the right destination.

It seems the older I get, the more I enjoy learning about the past. As many say, "Things were built and made better back then."  The things we grew up with or that our grandparents had are still in use today.  Now being called antique or vintage but for a fact, cast iron skillets outlasted Teflon without major health issue headlines.  Just speaking my personal thoughts, so please don't think I am starting a debate here on cookware. :) 

Stop in often!  You never know what will be here looking for a new home to travel to. 

So if you see it and want it, get it fast, because the internet is a super sonic highway.

Thank You - Ronda